30th Mar 2017

Newburyport Jewelry Shop- Pam Older Designs

It has been two years since I moved up from NY to open my Newburyport jewelry store and the experience has been terrific. I opened my shop Pam Older Designs in May 2015 and I can say it was an excellent move. Lots of people in town are loving our organic handmade jewelry and referring their friends
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26th Mar 2017

11 Jewelry Pieces Perfect for a Bride!

Brides today are getting married everywhere! Farms, beaches, mountain tops, lofts or their own backyards.Their bridal jewelry choices are just as varied. Rustic,feminine,sophisticated,glamorous- there are no rules. More commonly, the choice is to buy something beautiful and affordable that you can w
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Necklaces Budda Peace 3rd Dec 2016

Gifts with Meaning

I hope everyone has a bright healthy holiday season no matter what your race, religion or beliefs happen to be. It has been a tough election year, one of divisiveness, cyber-bullying and for some it has resulted in a lack of faith in our country and democratic process. No matter who we are and wh
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