Pam Older Designs creates rings fancy or simple available in her shop, online and custom. Everyday rings that stack and flash in silver, mixed metal, 14 and 18K gold and rose gold! Stack rings, engagement rings, new vintage style engagement rings, statement rings and more. We lovedo pinkie and third finger rings! Our modern signature ring is done in Prehnite with a silver shank and 18k gold granulation. We love that ring
so much we use it in our advertising and branding.

If you are getting engaged come choose your diamond with us where our pricing is transparent and our custom work includes experienced
designers with art, CAD, and fabrication expertise.Your dream ring can be turned into a reality, no matter how simple or elaborate! We have done wedding rings in plain gold with diamonds, amethyst, moonstones, sapphires and peridot. We have created solitaires teamed up with fancy ring guards, halo rings with baguettes and fanciful rings flush set with diamonds and aquamarine in intiricate patterns. So think about it then
contact us to brainstorm a design.